We offer a comprehensive program covering different cultural aspects of international business. Its participants have a unique opportunity to learn from experts and business practitioners in many crucial areas, including:

  • resolution of conflicts arising from cultural and ethical differences, with a focus on business situations;
  • negotiation strategies and techniques: analyzing the main determinants of the negotiation process with an emphasis on the psychological, social and cultural factors;
  • intercultural psychology from a business perspective: building up specific training skills through intercultural competence;
  • psychological aspects of working in an international environment;
  • international business etiquette and practical savoir-vivre in trade negotiations

Participants will additionally take part in a stimulating decision-making game, to enhance their skills required to enter international markets, promote their products or plan successful advertising campaigns.

The course will also feature special guest speakers, commercial attachés of embassies.

Business etiquette: the purpose of the course is to acquaint the participants with behavior patterns facilitating communication with people from different parts of the world, raising the participants’ awareness of blunders, which may hamper communication or even offend members of other cultures, and demonstrating differences between social and business etiquette:

  • Showcase – which is all you need to know about using Business Cards in communication.
  • Good manners in telephone conversations and email correspondence.
  • Meeting manners in a client's office and on one's own turf.
  • "Small talk" – the art of casual conversation in business.
  • Business lunch with clients – the role of the host and other rules.
  • Business meeting etiquette.
  • Dealing with collaborators, subordinates and superiors.
  • Initiating contact at conferences and business receptions.
  • Proper dress code.

Cultural differences and business practices: The course participants will be acquainted with the influence of different cultures on business practices:

  • Pro-partnership and pro-transaction cultures.
  • Defining and reading behaviors of business partners (including the importance of social distance and non-verbal communication).
  • Customizing the product to the needs of the company's local markets.
  • Preparing, maintaining and adapting media content for specific recipients (presentation skills, drafting documents, and conducting business talks in culturally diversified business environments).

Market research, networking principles, entering a given market, specific requirements of  business cooperation, maintaining good relations, models of cooperation, etc.; the legal environment: presentations by embassy representatives.

All courses will be conducted in English Limited number of places (maximum 20 participants per group) Recruitment for the fall semester will begin in October Cultural differences in business is a course addressed to students from all fields of study
The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. /Saint Augustine/ Specialization Course Fee :
712 PLN for WSIiZ students (may be paid in instalments scheduled
until the end of studies)
750 PLN for WSIiZ graduates
800 PLN for other participants
Course Mentorship: